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Karate as a mean to protest against the excessive use of power from powerful organizations or powerful nations
“Karate has already conquered the hearts of young people throughout the world. These people have turned to Karate in the hope of realizing a dream shared by all people-at least by all men-of being strong. In this age of nuclear war, computerized fighting, and proxy wars in which small nations shed their blood for causes supported by larger nations, mankind turns a suspicious eye on warfare of all kinds.

Violent strife among peoples in the twentieth century has stimulated such far-reaching sophistication of weaponry that another global conflict of the kind that has already occurred twice would threaten all animal and plant life on the earth with total destruction. In this age of over organization, it is only natural that youth should look to the rational, effective, and mystical oriental martial arts for a way of protecting life and home with nothing but the bare hands.

But, in addition to this, people turn to Karate for a way to make a small protest against the excessive organization of our time. Today large organizations determine the fate of all humanity; the big nations run everything. Under such conditions, it is not surprising that people train themselves in the Karate way for the sake of restoring some of the dignity of the individual human being”.