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Welcome to Mas Oyamas Muteki Kyokushin, an authentic Japanese fighting karate school dedicated to training in Mas Oyama’s Kyokushin style of full contact karate.

Founded and instructed by Shihan Rene Cruz, the dojo’s focus is to strengthen the body, mind and spirit through quality physical training, while cultivating courtesy, respect, humility and an invincible fighting spirit.

Our students and instructors train year round and frequently compete all over Japan, Europe, Canada and the US, in order to sharpen their skills. Our dojo has a ring proven record of success with our students going to the podium at every competition.

Whether it’s national or international competition, our students either place in each division or win the entire division in all events entered, therefore improving our student’s self esteem.

Our dojo also has guest instructors come in to teach as well as making international camps available to its students. Our dojo is linked directly to Japan, in one of the largest karate organizations in the world. Our instructors are certified & trained in Japan, the birthplace of karate.

Our kid’s karate program is incredibly successful in developing respect, self-esteem & confidence in children.

Located in the Park Avenue area, the dojo has over 2000 square feet of space equipped with the best equipment on the market.

All are welcome to join us for the best training in town!

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