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Women’s Kyokushin

In the past, Kyokushin was predominantly a male dominated martial art. In the last 10 years however, Kyokushin has changed drastically and it is not uncommon to see several women in different weight divisions fighting in both semi-contact and knockdown kumite. In the first World Open Championships in Japan, there were no women competing in kumite, now however this has changed and some of the best Kyokushin athletes in the world happen to be women. 

The interest doesn’t just go as far as kumite but it also extends to tameshiwari and kata. Some of the most popular fighters in the world of Kyokushin happen to be women. Agnieska Sypien (IKO1 Poland), Alina Aldatova (IKO1 Russia), Julie Nadeau (IFK Canada), Monelle Richards (Royama Canada) are just some of the names. Many women however, train in Kyokushin for overall fitness and wellbeing, never setting foot in the ring while maintaining a healthy lifestyle and remaining extremely fit. Whether for competition, fitness, weight loss, self defense, Kyokushin is the fighting system for you.

The fact that Kyokushin is a full contact Japanese Karate, makes it much more effective in self defense for girls/women, especially in Rochester and its surrounding areas where violent crimes and sexual assaults are rapidly rising. At our dojo, women can be found training at all levels, from white belt to black belt. From non fighting beginner to knockdown champion, all benefit greatly from our training regimen where fitness, weight loss, muscle tone and technical development are all achieved under one roof.